How To Claim Horse Insurance

This page tells you how to report a claim and gives you important claim procedure information.

How to claim

You will need to complete the claim forms relevant for the section for which you are claiming and provide supporting documents so that we can assess your claim correctly.

You can request your claim form by completing this on-line claim form request or by calling us on 0345 459 8990

For policies provided by Shearwater Insurance Services please call 01992 767666 or the out of hours emergency helpline 07977 494788.

For policies provided by South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) please call 0345 873 4922 or the out of hours emergency helpline 07747 458486.

Please ensure you have your policy reference number to hand before calling.

Important claim conditions

Death or humane destruction

To claim for the death of your horse, all horse owners need to be aware of the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Guidelines for the Destruction of Horses.

The horse’s condition must meet these criteria.

The guidelines state that ‘an affected horse’ needs to meet the following requirements:

“That the insured horse sustains and injury or manifests an illness or disease that is so severe as to warrant immediate destruction to relieve incurable and excessive pain and that no other options for treatment are available to that horse at that time.”

“If immediate destruction cannot be justified then the attending veterinary surgeon should provide effective first aid treatment before:

  1. requesting that the insurance company be contacted or, failing that
  2. arranging for a second opinion from another veterinary surgeon.

For an insurer to consider a death claim there must be no treatment options available and this is irrespective of other considerations such as the horse’s age, temperament or ability to perform in a particular discipline.

What to do in the event of death or euthansia.

Veterinary fees

It is your responsibility to provide veterinary care for your horse regardless of whether this is covered by your insurance and your contract for any veterinary care provided is with your vet. We cannot agree to accept a claim (either by telephone or email) until we are in receipt of the completed claim forms and all other relevant information we have requested.

Theft claims

General claims conditions

For the full terms, conditions and exclusions please refer to your policy wording.

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